A Change Of Plans

After getting my blog entry nearly finished up last night, I had plans to make a couple of final tweaks this evening and then get it posted.  However, in light of the tragic events in Connecticut today, I have decided to postpone that entry and instead, jot down a few thoughts I’ve had today.

First and foremost, I want to lament that, try as I may, I’ve yet to find any words that are worthy of saying to the people affected by this heinous act.  At this time, the words, “my thoughts and prayers are with you”, seem entirely inadequate.  Only time, prayer, and love will help to heal the wounds the people in that community suffered today.  The thought of losing a child under ANY circumstances is heart wrenching at best, and as a parent, I would never wish that on another. Continue reading

Do I Really Need To Carry Spare Ammunition?

I recently taught an intermediate-level class in which, when asked, not a single student said that they normally carry any spare ammunition for the defensive handgun they carry daily.  These were all intelligent, well-meaning people who were trying to take responsibility for their own personal safety as well as the safety of their families.  They had all been carrying on their CCW permits for several years, all of them claimed that they shot at least somewhat regularly, and all of them had taken the responsible step of seeking out additional, non-mandated training.  Yet it had never crossed their minds that they might, at some point, need more ammunition than the normal payload that their firearms carried.  Continue reading