“A Gun is Not a Defensive Weapon!”

Yes, you heard that right. According to Emmeryville, CA Chief of Police Ken James in a statement he made during a recent press conference, a gun is “not a defensive weapon”. Rather, in his view, it is an “offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power”. So by using his own (seemingly twisted) logic, this Chief is saying that he equips the officers in his department with the means to “intimidate and show power” in the performance of carrying out their duty, rather than the means to defend themselves and protect the community at large. Alrighty then……
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A Change Of Plans

After getting my blog entry nearly finished up last night, I had plans to make a couple of final tweaks this evening and then get it posted.  However, in light of the tragic events in Connecticut today, I have decided to postpone that entry and instead, jot down a few thoughts I’ve had today.

First and foremost, I want to lament that, try as I may, I’ve yet to find any words that are worthy of saying to the people affected by this heinous act.  At this time, the words, “my thoughts and prayers are with you”, seem entirely inadequate.  Only time, prayer, and love will help to heal the wounds the people in that community suffered today.  The thought of losing a child under ANY circumstances is heart wrenching at best, and as a parent, I would never wish that on another. Continue reading

Why Being #39 Is A Good Thing

Usually when you’re involved in a contest, your goal is to be number one.


But there are some contests it’s simply better to be on the other end.  Today, the Brady Campaign announced its current ranking of states “gun control” laws.  You can see the chart for yourself HERE.

As you may know, the Brady Campaign is an anti-gun organization that works to get laws passed throughout the United States that inhibit the law-abiding citizens ability to own and use firearms.  Unfortunately, these laws do absolutely nothing, very little at best, to prevent criminals from having guns to use in their exploits.  A ranking of 1 means super restrictive gun laws, whereas a ranking of 50 means the state has followed the Constitution as closely as possible.

I’m proud that Missouri, my home state and favorite of the 50, has been ranked at 39, tied with Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  It looks to me like we’re in good company.  Obviously, as I look at Alaska’s ranking of 50, it’s clear there is still room for improvement.

I’d like to congratulate all 31 states that ranked too low to be awarded any stars by the campaign.  Maybe someday, the Brady Campaign will pull its head out of its backside and figure out that laws don’t stop criminals.  Until then, I won’t be holding my breath.