NAPSI Courses

The primary focus of NAPSI (National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors) is on safe, efficient and effective defensive firearms training.  They adhere to the idea that your time and resources are best spent focusing on the tactics, techniques, and procedures you are most likely to need as an ordinary armed citizen going through your normal day-to-day affairs.  Unlike most other training organizations, their training programs don’t approach the concept of defensive shooting skills from the context of bulls-eye marksmanship, recreational shooting, competitive shooting, or offensive-oriented police or military training.  Instead, they believe simplicity is the best approach to developing efficient and effective defensive skills which is why they rely on training methodologies that are easy and efficient to utilize even when under stress.

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NAPSI Foundations of Defensive Pistol:


  • No Prerequisites

An introductory defensive pistol training course, ideal for the new or inexperienced defensive shooter.  This course starts with the basics and takes the student to a solid level of operative competency by the end of the class.

NAPSI Basic Defensive Shooting Skills:


  • Any previous handgun training.

This is a set of range-only coursework that was designed for the student who has already taken some variety of formal handgun training, such as a basic handgun safety course or a Concealed Handgun Permit course.

NAPSI Essential Defensive Pistol:

Prerequisites are either of the following:

  • NAPSI Foundations of Defensive Pistol
  • NAPSI Basic Defensive Shooting Skills

An intermediate defensive pistol training course.  It is designed to allow the student to quickly and efficiently build upon the foundation that was laid in the FDP or BDSS courses.  This course will allow the student to safely push his or her own performance limits and very quickly develop essential defensive shooting skills.

NAPSI Advanced Defensive Pistol Skills


  • NAPSI Essential Defensive Pistol

Designed for the experienced defensive shooter, the NAPSI ADPS class provides students with the opportunity to learn and develop pistol skills that can be utilized in-fight. ADPS focuses on the specialized skills required for effective and safe pistol manipulation and operation from up close at contact distance, in addition to the skills needed for efficient and effective operation of the pistol under the dynamic and constantly changing conditions that are inherent in violent conflict.