AMI Exclusive Courses

We are happy to offer you the following courses which have been developed through our years of experience and knowledge.

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Concealed Carry

  • Meets or exceeds the state mandated training criteria for obtaining a permit to carry a firearm in Missouri as well as several other states.
  • All inclusive.  The price includes our exclusive professionally printed student handbook, ammunition, and the use of our centerfire handguns.
  • Thoroughly covers Missouri law regarding ownership, use, and carrying of a firearm as well as self-defense law.  This is essential information for anyone that keeps a gun for self-defense in their home or their vehicle.

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Dynamic Defensive Pistol

  • Designed for the individual interested in developing defensive pistol shooting skills and techniques.
  • Ideal for the armed individual that carries a gun regularly.
  • No prerequisites.  Open to individuals of all skill levels.

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Basic Defensive Pistol Skills

  • Perfect for the beginner that needs some extra instruction on gun handling skills, particularly those used in defensive pistol shooting.
  • No prerequisites.  Open to individuals of all skill levels.

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Private Training

  • Perfect for those interested in obtaining training in a one-on-one environment.
  • Can also be used to accommodate groups of four or less.
  • You run the show.  Private training can be tailored to your specific needs.

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