NAPSI Instructor Training

What is NAPSI:  NAPSI stands for the National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors.  This organization has a singular goal to develop top-tier defensive material designed specifically with the the average armed citizen in mind.

How can one become a NAPSI Approved Trainer?  The road to becoming a NAPSI Approved Trainer is long and requires a significant commitment of both time and money.  It is NOT for the casual instructor.  Rather, it is for the select few that are truly serious about providing excellent defensive training to the armed citizen.

Requirements:  There are a number of requirements that must be met.

  • Successfully pass the end user course that you wish to become an approved trainer for.
  • Apply for and be accepted into a NAPSI Instructor Development Workshop.
  • Workshops consist of a two-day Methods of Instruction course followed by a two-day discipline specific instructor course.

Workshops are only held a couple times a year and acceptance is stringent.

NAPSI instructor training is currently only conducted by NAPSI staff members.  Armed Missouri, Inc. offers the basic courses, which are prerequisites, and we can direct you to an instructor training course.  See our Course Calendar for posted NAPSI Instructor Training classes.