Concealed Carry

Course Requirements:  Must be at least 18 years of age.  No previous training is required.

Course Length:  Minimum 8 hours (not including lunch or breaks).  

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Course Description:  Armed Missouri, Inc.’s Concealed Carry course exceeds the state mandated criteria described in Chapter 571.111 RSMo.  In this course, you will learn:

  • Handgun safety in the classroom, at home, on the firing range and while carrying the firearm.
  • A physical demonstration performed by the applicant that demonstrated his or her ability to safely load and unload either a revolver or a semiautomatic pistol and demonstrated his or her marksmanship with either firearm.
  • The basic principles of marksmanship.
  • Care and cleaning of concealable firearms.
  • Safe storage of firearms at home.
  • The requirements of this state for obtaining a concealed carry permit from the sheriff of the individual’s county of residence.
  • The laws relating to firearms as prescribed in this chapter.
  • The laws relating to the justifiable use of force as prescribed in chapter 563.
  • A live firing exercise of sufficient duration for each applicant to fire either a revolver or a semiautomatic pistol, from a standing position or its equivalent, a minimum of twenty rounds from the handgun at a distance of seven yards from a B-27 silhouette target or an equivalent target.
  • A live-fire test administered to the applicant while the instructor was present of twenty rounds from either a revolver or a semiautomatic pistol from a standing position or its equivalent at a distance from a B-27 silhouette target, or an equivalent target, of seven yards.

The use of firearms and ammunition is included in the price for this class.  You don’t need to have your own gun.  Students wishing to use their own firearms and ammunition will receive a $10.00 rebate on the day of the class.

Participation in this class does not guarantee permit approval by the state. See the CCW Requirements to help ensure you will be approved.