Testimonials & Reviews

Hear what some of our past students have had to say about us.  You can also see excellent reviews on Google+ and Facebook.

“Great instruction and comfortable environment. I have 8 years law enforcement experience and I have never received better, more professional training. I would recommend Armed Missouri Inc. to anyone from beginners to experts and children through adults.” – Andy T.

I wanted to say that I appreciate the way the last DDP course was handled, my friend that attended with me, was very happy and making plans to return later this year. The format of the course is excellent, a very good mix, and progression, thank you for that. I look forward to the next iteration of the course (the 2 day DDP), I look for that one to be an exceptional course.  Once again, thank you, and I look forward to training with you again soon. – A. Reed

“This [Concealed Carry] course was very informative. The instructors were very knowledgeable and answered all questions very well. They were very supportive and helpful during the shooting portion of the class.” – Katie A.

“Very professional. More one-on-one training than any course I have ever attended in the past. Thanks.” – William K.

“Really enjoyed the instructors and course. The instructors are patient with first time shooters and helpful to others.” – James F.

“The course was very informative, informal, and structured to our needs. The instructors were very friendly and relatable as well as very knowledgeable. I would very much recommend this course to anyone seeking a CCW.” – Ray P.

“Wonderful job. Class was informative and presented in a manner that was enjoyable by very knowledgeable instructors. Thank You!” – Jennifer H.

“Armed Missouri does a great job of instruction; I have attended a number of their classes and am much better off for it.” – Tom K.

“[I was] totally satisfied with the instructors and how they presented materials and information. They presented a professional course, making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed any questions and had all answers available. They treated all firearms with extreme respect and demanded the same from us. I will highly recommend Armed Missouri, Inc. to all my friends and family.” – Randy N.