Basic Defensive Pistol Skills

Course Requirements:  Must be at least 18 years of age.  No previous training is required but a basic knowledge of firearms safety and operation is necessary.

Course Length:  Minimum 4 hours depending on class size and student ability.  Class start and end times may vary depending on scheduling needs.

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Course Description:  This course has been designed to provide students that have an understanding of basic firearm operation and safety with more practical and comprehensive set of gun handling skills.

This course can be conducted on virtually any range provided we have exclusive use of the entire range.  It is ideally suited for anyone that has already completed a concealed carry course or an NRA Basic Pistol course.

Students will learn the following techniques:

  • Safe, efficient and proper steps for presentation of a handgun from holster.
  • Speed and tactical reloads using proper, efficient and consistent techniques.
  • Kinesthetic alignment and unsighted fire of defensive handguns at common defensive range.
  • Shooting from retention at extremely close range.

Equipment List:

  • Personal Handgun:The firearm should be of modern design, use centerfire ammunition, be clean, serviceable, and with all factory safety devices intact and in proper working order.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you bring a semi-automatic firearm as you will be doing a lot of reloading during this class.  Revolvers are allowed but their use is discouraged.
  • Ammunition:A minimum of 200 rounds is required.
  • Holster:A strong-side hip holster inside or outside the waistband that allows for easy re-holstering with only one hand.
  • Magazines & Speedloaders: Semi-automatics must be accompanied by a minimum of 2 magazines.  Revolvers must be accompanied by a minimum of 1 speedloader.  Belt pouches for spare ammunition is strongly recommended but not required.
  • Other Equipment:Either shooting muffs or earplugs and some type of glasses are required.