NRA Pistol Instructor Downloads

All NRA Pistol Instructor Candidates are required to have the files listed below on a portable electronic device to use during the course. This device may be a laptop, tablet, or phone, however, we recommend a large format display (10″ or larger) in order to facilitate instruction. Please be sure to bring the charging cable and/or adapter for your device as it will be in use throughout the course. We will ensure there are enough power receptacles for all devices. This device will not need to be connected to an external display.

WiFi may or may not be available at the training facility. Please download these files in advance and test them to ensure functionality on your device. All files listed are PDF format so they should be compatible with virtually all devices. The total space required for these is approximately 15Mb.

As an alternative, you may print these files on paper and put them into a binder before your course, however, they consist of approximately 500 pages total. Be aware that the NRA requires the use of the appropriate PowerPoint presentation while conducting the Basics of Pistol Shooting course. We strongly recommend using an electronic device in order to begin familiarizing yourself with this requirement.