SRT Group – Red Dot Instructor

SRT Group – Red Dot Instructor  

Course Price: $300.00 (plus range fee)
Course Dates:  8/12 & 8/13, 2023

The course is an instructor level course designed for those who are looking to build shooters, create programs, diagnose shooting deficiencies and coach people who are new to RDS technology. Time will be spent covering the basics of course material, but there will be an emphasis on transferring knowledge to students. It is assumed that students who enroll in this course have a baseline knowledge of firearms safety and fundamentals. 

This course covers:

  • Range safety and logistics.
  • Support gear and how it’s important.
  • Optics and technology.
  • Proper mounting
  • Zeros and trajectories
  • Zeroing the optic
  • Drawstroke
  • Grip
  • Shooting at distance
  • Recoil management and how it relates to the dot
  • Optic malfunctions and how to remediate them. 

This course will have 90 minutes of classroom discussion, and 13.5 hours of practical exercises and shooting. There will be a certificate of completion presented at the end of class. 

Required materials:

  • Reliable Red dot equipped handgun, preferably zeroed before class.
  • At least 3 magazines, 4 if shooting a subcompact gun.
  • Quality concealment/duty holster.
  • Magazine carriage system.300 rounds of quality pistol ammunition.
  • Eyes/ear protection
  • Note taking material.
  • Sustenance for a two 8 hour days of moderate activity.