OC/Pepper Spray: Intermediate Force Options for the Prepared Citizen

OC/Pepper Spray: Intermediate Force Options for the Prepared Citizen

Course Price: $85.00

Course Times: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Course Description:
We will debunk myths and provide students foundational knowledge on a selection of common less lethal tools, with a focus on pepper spray (OC). This class is for people who are unable/unwilling to choose a firearm for personal protection, or those looking for ‘something between a harsh word and a gun.’

No live pepper spray will be discharged in class, but students will have the opportunity to practice with inert training units.

About the Instructor: Dan Reedy

Agile Training & Consulting OC/Less Lethal Instructor Rangemaster Advanced Instructor NRA Handgun Instructor NRA Rifle Instructor NRA Range Safety Officer Dan Reedy has been a professional firearms instructor since 2016. During this time he has amassed nearly 500 hours of professional instruction across a variety of subjects to include handguns, less lethal, and low light tactics. He is currently certified as an Advanced handgun instructor from Rangemaster, and an OC/Less Lethal instructor from Agile Training & Consulting. Additionally Dan holds handgun and rifle instructor, as well as Range Safety Officer certifications from the NRA. Outside of firearms instruction, Daniel spent over 8 years in the military and currently works as a contractor for the Department of Defense.