Martial Arms Tactical – Force on Force

Martial Arms Tactical – Force on Force

Course Price: $200.00 (Plus $25.00 facility use fee)

Course Times: 16 hours total over two days.

Course Description: Training on the square range and shooting at paper targets, no matter how realistic they are, will only take you so far. You must test your skills via scenario based training, against live opponents. This is what our Force on Force (FoF) class will do. This is as close as you can get to an actual fight, without the consequences. Using airsoft training guns, you will engage other students in movement drills, scenarios based on real world incidents, and learn the skills needed to better your odds of surviving a life threatening encounter.

Equipment List:
Students should bring a picture ID, drinks, snacks, and a lunch.  This course is conducted entirely on the range.  Please be aware that our shooting range is outdoors and we will shoot in any weather.  Please dress appropriately for weather.

  • Airsoft pistol (green gas or propane powered) similar to your carry gun, if possible.
  • Holster that properly fits your airsoft gun.
  • Airsoft pellets.
  • Appropriate gas and oil for your airsoft gun.
  • Full coverage paintball helmet/face shield.
  • Standard eye protection.
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather (and for this type of training).
  • Sturdy footwear that allows for dynamic movement on various surfaces.
    • Spare airsoft gun magazines and magazine carriers.
    • Gloves.
    • Extra sweatshirt for padding.

If you have issues finding equipment or need advice on what to bring, please let us know!