Keepers Concealment – AIWB Skills Class

Keepers Concealment – AIWB Skills Class

Course Price: $250.00 (plus a $25.00 range fee)
Course Dates:  Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Course Description: AIWB: What it is. What it isn’t. How to get the most out of it safely.

This will be an 8 hour live-fire and dry-fire class that will dive deep into how to get the most out of carrying AIWB.


  • Safety
  • Holster and gun selection
  • How to wear the holster
  • Clothing concerns
  • How to safely reholster (make sure the operator is safe)
  • Efficient and fast draw stroke
  • Retention draw stroke
  • Dominant hand only draws
  • Seated draw stroke
  • Supine draw stroke
  • Non Dominant hand only draws
  • Dominant hand only reloads
  • Non Dominant hand only reloads

Students will need:

  • Range gear, Ear and Eye protection
  • AIWB holster and OWB strong side holster ( IF you cannot demonstrate safe re-holstering you will be asked to use an OWB strong side holster)
  • Reliable semi-auto handgun
  • 400 rounds of ammo (we will do our best to conserve ammo)
  • 3 spare mags and one mag pouch
  • Chair, snacks, and drinks

Students who take both classes will obtain the greatest benefit plus receive a 10% discount ($450.00 instead of $500.00).

**Due to making advanced travel arrangements, there are no refunds for any reason.**